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Sea Kayak
Ocean Kayak Videos
Kayak & Rafting Schools
Jackson Kayak
Sea Kayak Adventure
World Kayak
Kayak Online
Kayak Guide

All Kayak Fishing
Kayak Sport Fishing

Kayak Fishing Photo
Big Waters Edge
Forum Kayak 4 Fish
Huge Grouper (youtube)
Shark Capsizes Kayak

US Canoe
USA Canoe Kayak

Kayaker's Book

Kayak Racing
International Canoe Federation
Kayaking & Canoeing Gear
American Canoe Assoc.

Kayak Tour with Killer Wales

Whitewater Obstacle Course  System for Competition

Sailing Kayak
Kayak Sailing Rigs
Pedal Power Kayak
Hobie Fishing
Inflatable Kayaks
Transparent Kayak
Coast: 16' Origami Kayak
Modular Kayaks
Ocean Kayaks (youtube)
Kayaking Down a Drainage Ditch (youtube)
Pak a Yak

US Rowing
Row 2k
Ocean Rowing Society
Rowing Links
The Oceans
Durham Boats


Google Ocean Maps
Weather Info
Maritime News



Water Proof Cameras

Cool HD Video Clips

A Ski Jump Turned Slip 'N Slide Slip 'n SOAR at Utah Olympic Legacy Park

Surfing Competitions
Triple Crown of Surfing
U.S. Open Surfing
Surfing America
Surfer News
Surfer Rides 90 foot Wave
Rodrigo Koxa 80 Foot Wave
The World’s Longest Surfing Wave at Chicama, Peru.

Surf info
Surf Links

Tow in Surfing
Surfer Mag

Surf Reports
Surf Maps
Surfing Places
Global Surfers

Newquay Surfer
Hydro Foil Surfing

Surfing Schools

Surfing Book (amazon)
Surfing DVD(amazon)
Surfing (wiki)

Surfing with a Flare (video)

River Surfing (wiki)
River Surfing NZ
Tidal Boar Surfing

Wave House Fake Waves
Kelly’s Wave Pool Lemoore

Wave Jet Electric Board

Standup Surfboard Paddling

Yolo Board
3 Piece Paddleboard
Globo Surfer

Board Cave

Fire Wire Surfboards
Bio Foam Boards
Algae-Based Surfboard
Rusty Surfboards

Shark Deterrent Wetsuit
Okiino Surf Yoga Leggings
Shark Shield
Naked Science - Shark Attacks (youtube)

Dronesurfing (youtube)
Free Fly Systems

Jet Ski
Jet Boating
Aqua Skier
Power Ski
Personal Water
Jet Ski
Aqua Bike
Quadski Amphibious ATV
Should have named
jet skis boatercycles instead.
BomBoard- Portable Action Watercraft

Hydrofoil Water Scooter
Human Powered Boats

Water Parks  wave co
Amusement Parks

Marinas Locator Directory

Boats for Sale
Craig Cat Personal Boat

Biodiesel for Boat Engines   Biodiesel

Green Boat Products
Solar Powered Boats
Planet Solar
Propane Boat Engine
Green Products 

 Body Boarding
 Wake Boarding
 Skim Boarding
 Wind Surfing
 Kite Surfing
 Water Skiing
 Scuba Diving

The Best Fishing Spots
Fish Reports
Fishing Maps
Omni Maps
World class outdoors
Fishing only

Fishing Guides
Charter Boats
Fishing Clubs
ASA Fishing
Fishing Network

Spear Fishing World
World Spear Fishing

US Angler

Alaska Fishing

Beach Fishing

Pier Fishing
Fly Fishing
Fly Shop  Tips
Ice Fishing World

Ultimate Fishing Show

Ice Fishing (wiki)
Fishing (wiki)
Stilt Fishing
Ice Fishing (youtube)

Fishing Supplies
& Gear
 GPS Fish Finders

U.S. Wildlife & Fish Service

Marine Geology    Maps

Weather Forecast Info




List of Waterfalls
Waterfall Walks
Natural Highs
Waterfalls West

Waterfalls Northwest

New England Waterfalls
Go Water Falling

Victoria Falls Devil's Pool

Salto Angel | Kerepakupai Vená - Venezuela Waterfall

The Worlds Largest Lake
Lake Baikal

The Worlds Largest Wetlands Pantanal


Pro Cliff Diving  GBDF
USA Diver
Fina  Len
Spring Board Diving

Water Basketball
Water Polo

Swimming Camps
TP Swim Camp
Learn to Swim Book
Swimming Gear
Swimming Holes

Valsalva Maneuver (wiki)

Swimming Pools

Benoit Lecomte the first solo trans-Atlantic swim, covering nearly 4,000 miles, Massachusetts to France in 73 days. Swam an average of 7 hours a day at 1.5 mph & around 700 miles in all.
Swim the Amazon River



US Subs
Ocean Explorer
Deep Ocean Expeditions

Triton Subs
Deep Flight
Hyper Sub
Nemo 100
Necker Nymph
Deep Sea Challenge
Deep Search

Omer Submarine (wiki)
Human Powered Submarines

Remote Operated Vehicles
Open ROV

Sea Breacher


Free Diving
Freediving with Dolphins (video)
Ocean Men:
Extreme Dive 2001 (video)
Guillaume Nery: The exhilarating peace of freediving (video)

Scuba Schools

Divers Alert Network
Sport Diver
Scuba Yellow Pages
Sea Trekking Seatrek
Scuba Toys
Sea Scooter
Treasure Diving
Scuba Equipment

iBubble: Your Autonomous Underwater Camera

Ship Wreck Diving
TGI Diving
Underwater Hockey

Under Water Archeology
Marine Archaeology
Maritime Archaeology

Military Rebreather Test
Rebreather (wiki)

Aquarius Undersea Laboratory

Learn to Scuba (amazon)
and Snorkel (book)

Neoprene Water Shoes

SeaDive SeaLynx TrueColor w/Anti-Fog Low Volume Scuba/Spearfishing/Freediving Dive Mask (SDM490BKSFF)

Diving Camera Mask

Ocean Explorer
Google Ocean

Sea Orbiter

 Water Sports Gear
 Water Gear Providers

Sail Net 
Sail Tips

Points of Sail (wiki)
Learn to Sail Book
Sailing Schools

Sailing Clubs
Sail Time
Sun Sail
Bahamas Barefoot
Way Finding

Charter Net
Intern. Rescue Group

Vendee Globe Race
Ocean Racing
Americas Cup
Volvo Ocean Race

Land Sailing
Land Sail


Sail America
Pacific Sailing
US Sailing

Sailing World
Sailing Links
Sailing Source
Caribbean Sailing

Yacht Charter Guide
Crewed Yachts  Yachting
Luxury Yacht Vacation
Yacht World

Trimarans  Trimaran

Ocean Survival Books

Hold Fast (video)

Solo Circumnavigating in
a 29-meter, 9-ton Trimaran
IDEC 57 days, 13 hours,
34 minutes, 6 seconds
Yachting World

Jessica Watson
16-year-old Australian
Solo Circumnavigating in
7 months in her 34-foot pink yacht, ' Ella's Pink Lady '
23,000-nautical mile voyage. 2011
Laura Dekker 2012  Maidentrip (2014) (video)
Chasing Bubbles - movie

Around the world in 42 days frenchman sets new sailing record.

Protecting Our Oceans

Help Protect Marine Wildlife and keep our Oceans Clean and Healthy.

Ocean Conservancy      State of the Ocean      Oceanic Preservation Society     Marine Debris
Tara Expeditions 2.5 Years, 70,000 Miles, 1.5 million species of Plankton  (And a lot of Plastic)

Garbage Patch        Ocean Service     Ocean Acidification     Sylvia Earle Protect Our Oceans

Deep sea boats get subsidies, how about subsidies for skimming plastic, get paid by the pound.

Hypoxia Environment     Dead Zone    Oxygenation Event     Geological History of Oxygen

Blue Ocean     Blue Voice     Surfers for Cetaceans     Cousteau      Google Ocean    DOW

Marine Biology (wiki)     Schmidt Ocean Institute (youtube)     Lakes and Oceans Depths Info-graph

Project Eyes on the Seas     U.S. Coast Guard's National Pollution Funds Center

The world's oceans absorbed approximately 150 zettajoules of energy from 1865 to 1997, and then absorbed about another 150 in the next 18 years.

Slow Food New Orleans is an international gathering of fishers, scientists, chefs, students and food artisans to address the many environmental, ecological, economic and political challenges that impact fisheries, habitats, oceans, sustainable fishers and cultural seafood systems.
Slowfish 2016

Reefs - Corals
Coral Restoration   Global Coral   Planting    Coral Boost   Coral Bleach    Coral (wiki) Reef (wiki)
How we're growing baby corals to rebuild reefs (video and text)
Dive into an ocean photographer's world (video and text)

Climate Change effects on the Ocean

Over Fishing

First Step: Eat Less Fish - Second Step: Stop Trolling, Trawling and Long Line Fishing temporally until Fish Populations recover. Overfishing Over Fishing  Resource Depletion  Population Dynamics
1/3 of fish caught are used as Fish Meal.  They should use invasive species?
40% of fish caught are thrown away over board.
The U.S. annually throw overboard as much as 2 billion pounds of so-called Bycatch, much of which is edible fish equivalent to at least a half-billion seafood meals. Take Extinction off your Plate
The "dirtiest" fisheries: The Gulf of Mexico shrimp trawling industry, the California drift gillnet fishery.

Official Fish Trade 'Hugely Underestimates' Global Catches Conservation of dwindling fish stocks is being severely hampered by poor controls on global trade, according to research published today (Monday, October 9, 2017) in Scientific Reports.

Fish Fight      Fishing Regulations    Fish Wise     Blue Food Revolution    Conservation Models
Salty Girl Seafood     Smart    Fish 20

Global Fishing Watch
Global Fishing Watch | Technology Illuminating the Global Fishing Fleet (youtube)

NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries    XL Catlin Seaview Survey      Google Ocean Views

Diamond-mesh nets they were using were trapping baby fish, while a square-shaped mesh could
allow small fish to escape to maintain a breeding population.

Fish Aggregating Device is a man-made object used to attract ocean going pelagic fish such as marlin, tuna and mahi-mahi (dolphin fish). They usually consist of buoys or floats tethered to the ocean floor with concrete blocks. Over 300 species of fish gather around FADs. FADs attract fish for numerous reasons that vary by species. Fish tend to move around FADs in varying orbits, rather than remaining stationary below the buoys. Both recreational and commercial fisheries use FADs. Before FADs, commercial tuna fishing used purse seining to target surface-visible aggregations of birds and dolphins, which were a reliable signal of the presence of tuna schools below. The demand for dolphin-safe tuna was a driving force for FADs.

Criminal Fisheries

The Fulton Fish Market in New York City is where 400 tons of seafood is sold daily.

One in every five fish caught on the planet is brought to the Tsukiji Market for auction every year, about 1,800 tons and worth $20 million a day. 

MSC Certified Sustainable Seafood    Fish to Schools

Marine Stewardship Council Look for the Blue MSC Label on Sustainable Fish and Seafood in shops and restaurants.
Seafood Fraud  -  Seafood Watch  - 
Food Fraud Database 

Mercury Exposure Levels   Exposure    Mercury Poisoning     Sola Louisiana: Water Stories (video)
Mercury in Fish (wiki)    Ciguatera    Bio-Magnification    Food Safety

Fish Farming
Office of Aquaculture     Mariculture     Aquaculture    Global Aquaculture Alliance     
Salmon Confidential: Cover up of ISA Virus Infected Salmon (youtube)   #2   Ichthyology (wiki)
VIRUS INFECTED SALMON Are Dying Around The World Agenda 21 (youtube)
Salmon Anemia Virus (wiki)    Aquaculture

Knowledge = Protection

Oceana     Ocean      Natural Resources Defense Council      Marine Accident Investigators

Census of Marine Life    The Secret Life of Plankton (video)    Plankton Chronicles    Diatom

Water Encyclopedia      Marine Bacteria      DNA and the Sea (video)    Ocean Microbes

Environment News     Ocean Documentaries      Environmental Education     Water Knowledge

Recreational Water Quality Alerts        River Protection     Beaches - Islands

At the Edge of the World (youtube)   Sea Shepherd illegal Whaling    Whale and Dolphin Watch

Tagging and Tracking Ocean Predators      Pew Environment     Reflection Seismology

Ocean Ramsey Swims with Great White Sharks
(youtube)    Ocean Sunfish

Whole-Body Endothermy in a Mesopelagic Fish, the Opah, Lampris Guttatus    Endotherm

Journey to the Sea of Cortez (youtube) 
Ocean Videos (vimeo)
Under Water Photos
Earth's Deepest Abyss (youtube) 
Deep Ocean Mysteries and Wonders (video)
Mike Degruy: Hooked by Octopus (video)
The Living Sea (2015 video)

Ephemeral (wiki)    Chemosynthesis (wiki)     Good Planet   

3-D Model Reveals how invisible waves move materials within Aquatic Ecosystems

Waves (physics)

Atlantic Ocean circulation at weakest point in more than 1,500 years

Global Ocean Conveyor Belt


Clean Beaches      
Not-for-profit organization devoted to sustaining America's Beaches.

Friends of the Dunes     
Dr Beach     Environmental Protection Agency

Sea Shells
All about seashells, beachcombing, preserving sea life.

Float Rope Baskets

Noctiluca Scintillans   Bioluminescence

Territorial Waters (wiki)    Ocean Colonization (wiki)

Beaches - Swimming Safety Tips





GoPro 3D: Highlight Reel 2011 (youtube)

Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices (youtube)

People Surfing Massive Waves

TUDO' (vimeo)

2016 Annual Borrud Slip ’n’ Slide - 100 Meters Long - Over 1 NFL Football Field - By Paul Borrud

GoPro: Koa Smith - Africa 06.03.14 - Longest Wave Ride Ever

Gertrude Ederle becomes the first woman to swim across the English Channel. [1926]



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