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Have you ever thought of starting adventure club or even joining an adventure club? If you love to travel, and you’re an aficionado of sports, recreation and keeping active, while at the same time like meeting new people with the same interests, then you will probably like an adventure club or outdoors club as some are called. I was asked once to help start an adventure club for some senior citizens. Which was really great to here that the elderly are still very active, still very enthusiastic about exploring and still very eager to try new things. So there is life after retirement.
Senior Citizen Stories

In 2007 there are over 70 million adults age 55 and over in the U.S. with $1.5 trillion in annual spending, account for 35% of all airline fares, 46% of all ship fares, purchase 42% of all toys, games and hobby supplies and watch more TV than any other age group. Old TV Shows

       Here are some benefits in joining and starting an adventure travel club:

  • Lower cost of vacationing through group rates.

  • Finding where the deals are by networking.

  • Having more activity choices by networking.

  • Meeting travel partners with similar interests.

  • Keeping informed about local activities.

  • Never being bored.


The first thing to do is make an announcement about the adventure outdoors club that is starting to organize in the area. Either by mail, website, e-mail, bulletin board, newspaper, flyers or newsletter.

The second thing I did for the first meeting was to create a List of Activities that people might be interested in doing. This helped give an idea what peoples interests were, and also at the same time, give people an idea of some of the activities that are available that they might like to try depending on their experience and abilities. At this time you also get their name and how they would like to be contacted.

Third thing was to figure out how the adventure club would be funded, by sponsorship and or by collecting membership dues. This will help pay for expenses like, mailing, office supplies, transportation, renting or buying recreational equipment, hiring outfitters, food for meetings, and what ever money is left over can go towards a vacation fund and or other expenses that might be generated by the club.

Also the club can be very active in the community. Promoting the outdoors by having events open to the public. Like teaching outdoor survival, orienteering, trail maintenance and having park and trail clean up days to name a few. Expanding the adventure club to more members too can create even more opportunities for even more people to enjoy.

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  Have fun and enjoy all your adventures, Howie

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Don't forget to take Baby Steps
One of the most regretful things that most of the senior citizens complain about when they get old is they regret not trying that certain thing that they always wanted to do in their younger years. They said that they were always putting it off and always coming up with silly excuses. Life shouldn’t have any regrets. So finish as much as you can on that bucket list, so at the least you can say that you tried, instead of when you’re older and saying that you wished that you could have tried more. Doing all that you can is simply doing all that you can, nothing more, and nothing less.
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