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The Most Efficient Mode of Travel on the Planet
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How to use tire levers to remove tire (youtube)
Fixing a Flat (wiki)
CO2 Inflator (video)
Airless Tire  Tubeless?
Hutchinson Tubeless Tires
Flat Tire Bicycle Patch Kit

Recycling Tubes and Tires

Grease your Bearings
Remove Bicycle Freewheel
The Bike Tube
Remove Bicycle Cassette
Overhaul Rear Wheel Hub

Bike Gear - Bike Parts
Cycling Gear (amazon)

Bike Trailers Children/ Pets
Schwinn Hitch Hiker Trailer

Bike Parts & Tools

Bike Sandals

Cycling Jerseys

Car & Truck Racks

Bike Storage Lockers
Bike Box 24 

Hybrid Tire
252 Steel Studs Tire

My Favorite Bike Seat

Bicycle Fender Set
(26" - 28")

Mountain Bike Front Fender

Bicycle Seat Post Rack

Delta Cycle

The Best Handlebars

How do I know when to replace my bottom bracket?

How To Index Your Gears - Adjusting Your Rear Derailleur (youtube)

How to Adjust a Rear Derailleur – Limit Screws & Indexing (youtube) - Barrel adjuster, cw adds slack.

Donating Bikes
Neighborhood Bike Works
88 Bikes
Wheels 4 Life

Recycle a Bike

Kids Bike
Republic Bike

The Bici Bicycle Cooperative has a goal to create easy and equal access to cycling by
providing affordable bicycles, maintenance services, and education.

In 2013, Amsterdam removed 73,000 bicycles from the streets

Japan Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Games
HardCourt Bike Polo (wiki)
Hard Court Bike Polo
Bike Polo
Cycle Ball

New York City Bike Tour
Climate Ride
Ride Across Iowa
Tour the California Alps
Bike Wisconsin
Bike and Build
Bike Relay Alaska
Bike Across Maine
Tour Colorado
Ca. Winery Bike Tour
Bike Across Georgia
Cycle Oregon
Bicycle Tours
Adventure Cycling
Welcome to Rim Tours
France, Switzerland, Italy
Classic Adventures
Bicycle Tours
Bicycling World
Bike Inn to Inn
America By Bike
Cycle America
Bike Tour-Reviews
Pedalers Pub & Grille

Tour Divide
England Bike Routes
World Naked Bike Ride

Ride of Silence

Randonneuring (wiki)

Cycle Across America
Trans America Trail   AC
Eco-Tour 4,200 miles

Friendly Bike Guest House

Austin Cycle Camp

Bicycle Fairing (wiki) 
Wind Resistance in 90%

Bicycle Monitor with GPS

Pedal People Coop

The Blessing of the Bikes

Stealing a Bike (youtube)

Bike Locks
Bicycle Lock (amazon)
Bicycle U-Lock
Silent Alarm for Bicycle
Lock 8 
Yerka Project Frame Lock
1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year. Only 56 percent of bicycle thefts were reported to the police. Only 5% of stolen bikes are returned to their owners.
National Bike Registry

Bike Accessories
Wireless Key Locators
GPS Tracking
Connected Cycle Pedals

Bike Light
Generator Bicycle Light
Bicycle Laser Tail Light

RA: Wearable LED STRAP LIGHT! Smart Outdoor Safety
FLUX Backpack - The Largest Bike Light Ever!

Aster - World's safest commute backpack

Trailers for Bikes
1 vs 2 Wheeled Bike Trailers
Two Wheel Bike Trailers
Cyclone IV Trekking Bicycle Trailer
Your Bicycle's Trunk - Two-Wheel Bicycle Trailers!

Kupper Mounts bike rack pulls a vacuum on rubber suction cup.



Helmet with Lights

Livall Smart Helmet

Ctrl-one Glasses

Folding Helmet
FEND Collapsible Helmet

Closca Bike Helmet

Intelligent Bike Helmet

 Eco Helmet

Cycle Helmets


Should You Wear?

Women's Helmets

Headkayse cycle helmet safety


Bike Types

The greatest distance cycled solo and unpaced in 24 hours is 890.2 km (553.14 miles) and was achieved by Marko Baloh of Slovenia at Lenart, Slovenia, on Sept. 6-7, 2008.

Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009 (youtube)
Bombing Hills     
Rémy Métailler Taxco Downhill - GoPro of the World January Winner (youtube)
Mountain Biking on the Edge, White Line, Sedona, Arizona (youtube)
Rider Michal Kollbek ridding the White Line in Sedona, AZ. Filmed by Marshall Mullen 3/12/15
EMS Cup Nicole Frýbortová krasojízda (youtube)
Follow Me (Anthill Films, 2010, 44 Mins.)    
One Shot: Brandon Semenuk's unReal Segment (youtube)
GoPro: Steve Storey - Trail Boik Time 10.24.16 - Bike (youtube)
Extreme Videos

Edge of the Road

Teton Gravity
Whistler Black Comb

Kurt Searvogel Cycles 75,065 Miles In A Year…And Keeps Going enough to cross the United States about 25 times

Mega-Cavern Bike Park is an abandoned Limestone Mine In Kentucky that was turned into a Huge Underground Bike Park 100 feet under the Earth. Louisville is now the proud owner of the world's largest "indoor" bike park.    
Massachusetts Thunder Mountain Berkshire

BEGIN Japanology - The Bicycle Boom Of Japan (youtube) 86 million bikes and counting.



How Do Bikes Stay Up? (youtube)    Bicycle and Motorcycle Dynamics (wiki)    Action Physics


To reduce some of the fatigue and stress of biking it's good to have an effective bike peddle stroke, it takes practice and focus but it will become second nature before you know it. Momentum is key, so keep a constant speed peddle stroke. You want to use the weight of your leg to push the pedal down, but you have to lift the other leg up at the same time because you don't want to be pushing against the weight of your other leg, that would waste energy. When done right it feels like your feet are floating on the pedals. You also want the ideal number of pedal strokes per minute, called 'cadence', which is around 60 to 90 strokes per minute, or RPM's (Revolutions Per Minute). In other words, you should aim to turn each pedal at least once per second. Try to keep your Cadence constant across all conditions. For example, if you start going uphill, you need to change down to a lower gear so that you can still spin the pedals comfortably and maintain your cadence. You will learn that this pedaling speed is very efficient because it's using the momentum of the pedaling speed to your advantage. If you pedal slow you can actually work harder, unless you're going down hill. It takes a lot less effort if you pedal faster at a constant rate, this is true whether you're riding on the flat or up a hill. Another bike pedal technique is to Push Forward with one foot pedal and Pull Back with the other foot Pedal simultaneously. If your shoes are clipped to the pedal it makes it easier but you can still do this technique even without attaching your foot to the pedal but it's not as efficient and sometimes your foot slips off the pedal. So concentrate more on just pushing the pedal forward then pulling back. As more power is needed I just push down more on the down stroke and or pull up more on the up stroke, that's if I'm clipped to the pedal.  

Cycling Power Meter (wiki)   
Limits Cycling Power Meter
Formula For Speed (info-Graph)

Bike Pedal Techniques Tutorial Video (youtube)
The Science Behind the Bike (youtube)

Seated vs Standing Pedaling Posture (video)
Standing up when Pedaling a Bike

Garmin Bike Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor
Gen T® Wireless 32 Functions Large LCD Display Bicycle Computer Bike Odometer
ESTEM: A smart all-in-one biking stem

Need a Bicycle Computer that Automatically shifts my electric gears, based on the speed I prefer, the angle of the road whether going up hill or downhill, and the preferred cadence or peddle speed. This way I have total control of how hard I want to work, and how quickly I want to arrive at my destination at a desired time. Also have the computer avoid cross chaining to decrease wear on the chains rings and chain.

Additional wear on the chainrings as well as on the chain and cassette gears
The Problems With Cross-Chaining (youtube)

SpeedForce -The World's Smartest Cycling Computer
Multi-sport headphones with real-time voice coaching from Olympic athletes biometric data heart rate, speed, distance, cadence, 8 gig storage.

"To make pedaling easier make sure your bike is well maintained, chain oiled, tires properly inflated, and your rear wheel hub bearings are in good shape"

Do Shaved Legs make you Faster on a Bicycle?  15 watts more power at race pace.

Use the correct saddle or bike seat. Pro-cyclists use a hard narrow seat because of their style of riding, which is leaned forward so the contact on the seat is minimal. A leisure bike rider has more contact with the seat, thus puts more pressure on their bottom, which could cause discomfort and sometimes damage the Perineum.

Selecting the Right Bicycle Saddle - Saddle Height - Video 

I also like to use the Front Shifter more then the back shifter now. I leave the back shifter, or the Rear Derailleur Gear in the middle and use the front shifter as 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. I only use the back shifter upper and lower gears when my front shifter is in 1st or 3rd gear for going up steep hills or for peddling down hill or for peddling fast on nice flat road with little wind resistance. You want to avoid cross chaining, which is caused by a bad gear selection that puts your chain on an extreme angle, which is bad for your the chain and gears. I have a 30 speed Road Bike, with Front Chain Rings (30t, 39t, 49t) and Rear 10 speed that has a 25t-12t cassette. A 30 speed bike does not really have 30 speeds because several of those possible combinations of front and back cogs will probably result in the same number of back wheel revolutions per pedal. My bike is fine for all around riding, but not for racing. If you have to use the granny gear during a race you might as well walk fast because you'll be going about the same speed, so removing that front low gear will force you to keep a faster pace or speed.

Road Crank-Arms now range from 165 to 180mm long. Femur length and foot size, both of which are primary lever arms in a pedal stroke. If you do end up changing crank-arm lengths, it will change your gearing as well. How hard or easy an individual gear feels depends on three things: the combination of chain-ring and cog size that actually produces it, the wheel size it rolls on, and the crank length that turns it. Adjusting saddle height to account for the longer or shorter cranks may be all you need to do. A lot of triathletes who go to shorter cranks do it in part because it opens up the hip angle at the top of the pedal stroke as the seat rises. Gain Ratios

Pulling back on handle-bars to increase peddle power stroke in Low Gears.

Biomechanics of the Pedal Stroke

Correct Road Bike Tire Pressure (youtube)

Bicycle Network - Bike Radar

4 Worst Mistakes In BICYCLE CHAIN Maintenance. How NOT to do it. SickBiker Tips. (youtube)
How to Wrap Handlebars for Road Bikes (youtube)

How To Change Pedals - Remove And Replace Your Bicycle Pedals. Drive side clockwise 15mm wrench, oppisite way you pedal.

Flash: The Bike Evolved Power. Safety. Security. Intelligence. Flash isn't just an electric bike; it's an evolution.

Bicycle Blue Book (how much is my bike worth)


Questions you may want to ask when Buying or Upgrading your Bicycle

Should I get Electronic Shifters or Mechanical Shifters?
Electronic Vs. Mechanical Groupsets | Dubai Tour 2015 (youtube)    Shifter (wiki)  Electric Shifters
Shimano Di2 Electronic Gears for Road Bikes Explained (youtube)

What kind of Handle Bars should I get?  What Kind of grips?

Handle it! Dropbars, Bullhorns, Risers, What's the Difference? (youtube)   Bicycle Handlebar (wiki)
Adjusting Handlebars - HHRacingGroup  (youtube)  The Win Tunnel: Are Aero Bars Worth It?

Should my Rear Shock be a Locking Rear Shock?
Pedal-bob: The loss of acceleration due to the compression of the suspension.
Compression Rate: The speed at which the suspension goes from uncompressed to fully compressed. Linear Compression Rate: The compression rate remains constant through compression.   Pink Bike     Bicycle Suspension (wiki)
KONA - independent suspension overview (youtube)
Suspension - Suspension Design

What kind of Bicycle Tires should I get?

Road Bike Tyres Buying Guide   Bicycle Tires (wiki)
How to Choose Mountain Bike Tires - Simple 6 Step Guide (youtube)
Tires  Clincher Road Bike Tires - Tubular Road Bike Tires - Aero & Triathlon Bike Tires
Cross Country Mountain Bike Tires - Gravity/Downhill Mountain Bike Tires
Fat Bike Tires - Cyclocross Tires - Trail Bike Tires - Commuter & Hybrid Bike Tires
Cruiser Bike Tires. BuyersGuides tires, tubes and wheels
Tannus Airless Solid Tire  sven cycles are manufacturers of handmade bespoke bicycles from their
workshop in Dorset, England.

Tire Size Chart
ISO 5775
Simple Guide on essentials of wheels
Tire Dimensions

The cold in the air changes the pressure of the air. So every time you pump them when it is warmer outside, once the temperature drops the pressure of the air itself in the tires decreases. Most tires are inflated with air, although some dealers are now using nitrogen because the nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules. The tire doesn't 'lose' air, the air just becomes denser, because the air molecules are cooler. So the denser air means it doesn't take as much space in the tires therefore the pressure is lower.

I Keep Breaking Spokes

32 spokes make a good durable wheel, but if you're large and ride off-road, then 36 spokes is better. And you might want to consider double butted spokes. The spokes are thinner in the middle section which allows them to stretch a bit when the wheel is hit. This helps to prevent the elbow near the spokes head from flexing (which leads to fatigue and spoke breakage), and also takes the stress away from the rim wall near the nipples. Heavy riders should look up the manufacturers maximum spoke tension spec for the rim and dial that in with a good tensiometer.
The Best Bike Rims   Gokiso    Custom Bicycle Wheels

What Type of Bicycle should I get?
Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Hybrid Bike, Touring, and so on?
List of Bicycle Types (wiki)

How to Choose a Bike (youtube)   Bicycle Basics (youtube)   More Bike Styles
Which bike should you choose? Hybrid vs Road (youtube)    The Best Bike For You?
Will a Walmart Huffy survive a Downhill Mountain Bike Trail? | Skills with Phil (youtube)
The World’s Most Affordable Carbon Fiber Bicycles 
Touring Bicycle    Which touring bike should I buy    100 best touring bicycles
Smart Bikes  Ridehelios   Vanhawks   Super Pedestrian   SmartHalo

Electric Bike Pros: Increased Distances, Less Time to Travel and Less Human Energy Needed.
Cons: More Expensive, More Maintenance, More Weight, More Things that can go wrong and More Risk of an accident because of longer travel distances and higher speeds. But I will still buy an electric bike in around 20 years when I'm around 80 years old. And the e-bike will be a Step-Thru frame style, and also be pedal assist, just incase the battery dies, or if I feel like pedaling myself. But if I move to a place where food and necessities are 10 miles away or more, then I will most likely buy an e-bike before I'm 80. But for now I live in a city where a lot of things are nearby. So it's not so bad to pedal myself. And I also get some exercise, which is always a plus, except for the car pollution, which totally kills a lot of the benefits of riding a bike and other things. So electric cars will save the day, for everyone and everything. Electric Bike Review

Fitting your Bike

Adjusting and Fitting your Bike
How to Determine the Correct Frame Size for a Bike (youtube) 
How To: Find Proper Bicycle Saddle Height and Setback (youtube)
Hybrid & Comfort BikeShopper
Bike Fitting Services
How to get your road bike position right A good bike fit can increase speed and comfort
Frame Size of Bike is also important

Bikes for Bicycle Couriers

Single Speed Bikes   LokiCycles   Fixed Gear Big Shot Bikes    Specialized Sirrus Comp Carbon
Trek Steel District   Cannondale Bad Boy Disc     Jamis Coda       Messenger Bags (amazon)
Single-Speed Bicycle (wiki)    Electric Bikes  

Murder of Couriers (2012 Documentary about the lives of bike messengers)  12/12/2012  |  1:17

Bicycle, the film 86 minute documentary

Custom Bike Photos

Ceramicspeed Driven Chainless Drivetrain is a 13-speed chainless drive shaft concept is 99% efficient, shown at Eurobike. Eliminates the need for derailleurs and chains.

Shifting Gears problem on my bicycle in cold weather. You might be right about the thicker grease. About the only effective way to get it out (aside from a complete teardown/rebuild) is with a thinner/lighter hydrocarbon-based solvent. WD-40 comes to mind as a quick fix. I'd just shoot some in and see what happens. If you want, you could then follow that up with a lighter lube to keep everything running smooth. temperature-related shifting problems like this as well. I can only guess that it is the caused by the difference in expansion of the cables and frame in response to the cold. I suggest you adjust your shifting cables outside in the cold, where you normally will ride it. Otherwise you might have to adjust them whenever there is significant temperature changes. freezing up and preventing cable release. Last winter I replaced the shifter cable housing presuming moisture or other foreign substance was freezing up and preventing cable release. (I could force the shift to higher gear but it would not release back to lower gear during sub freezing temperatures) It did not fix the problem --leaving me to presume either the shifter or the internal hub shifting mechanisms were at fault. Either way I have to just deal with it. There are lots of threads detailing the flush/relube procedure for shifters that fail to shift properly in cold weather. It's a pretty easy process- good luck! think trigger shifters rely on the cable pull provided by the derailleur spring to shift in one direction so anything you can do to increase that pulling force should help. The factory grease in the shifters tends to dry up a bit and get stiff as time passes,
and the problem is exacerbated in cold weather. The easiest solution is to remove the plastic cover, squirt some light oil in and around the ratchet and pawls (chain lube is just fine) and then shift up and down a few times to work it in. That'll thin out the grease and usually solve your problem. With three of my bikes, it's been easily fixed by flushing and regreasing with lighter lube. One was an old Trek with early RSX shifters, one was a mid-90s Fisher with trigger shifters, and one was similar to the Trek's shifters- early 600 parts or something along those lines. My method was to flush the shifters with a good bit of degreaser, then flush that out as well as possible with a light lube (something you can spray or drip in rather than a grease), and then to reapply light lube a day or two later. The symptoms are what everybody here is describing: it'll shift fine in room temperatures, but the pawls won't catch properly once the temperature drops. Sometimes careful, slow movement of the shift lever will allow it to catch, indicating that the small springs are still trying to push the pawls into place but can't do so as quickly as when the grease is warmer and less viscous. .


I ride my bike, I roller skate, don't drive no car, don't go too fast, but I go pretty far..Melanie Safka


Ride your Bike and save yourself and save the planet

It's not just riding a bike, It's being healthy, it's saving resources, it's saving the environment, and it's saving lives. Cars with combustion engines are outdate, obsolete and an insult to our intelligence. You can't even begin to justify using all those resources, time and people just to build these over priced inefficient machines that need constant maintenance, and on top of that when you use them you pollute the earth. You're basically saying to the world "F*ck you I'm an idiot and I don't care", well maybe not that bad because most people just don't know any better and some people are just too afraid to face the truth. Yes there are a small number of people who are actually making a difference using these ignorant modes of transportation, but that's less then 10 percent, so there's a lot of room for improvement.   Gas Prices

People who have more protective gear take more risks. People who drive cars have more head injuries. People have more head injuries falling at home then bikers.

Injuries and Deaths per Million Hours of Travel

5-Foot Safe Passing Law

A "safe distance" means not less than three (3) feet when the driver of a vehicle overtakes and passes a person riding a bicycle . Bike Writers Collective

“Share the Road, or “Bicycles May Use Full Lane”  urban velo  
Urban Bicycling Basics: Rules of the Road (youtube)

Between 2010 and 2012, U.S. bicyclist deaths increased by 16%.
California: 338 cyclists killed in collisions with motor vehicles. Florida: 329
Bicyclist deaths account for about 2% of deaths involving motor vehicles nationwide
In 2012, 4,743 pedestrians and 726 bicyclists were killed in crashes with motor vehicles.

LA Bike Hit and Runs    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  

How To Ride A Bike In The City    People for Bikes

Bicycle Trauma Injuries and Hospital Admissions in the United States, 1998-2013

Bike Commuting Safety Tips

Bicycle Dashcam Rear and Front Cameras that photograph the 5 Foot passing law. Smart video looping Incident capture and Theft and Movement Alert Notification.

6,000 pedestrians killed in 2017 in US. California, Florida, Texas, New York and Arizona — accounted for 43 percent of pedestrian deaths during the first half of 2017, despite being home to just 30 percent of the U.S. population.

Governors Highway Safety Association

Bike Safety Guide

The Good News

Bike Lanes Make New York City Streets Safer
More bicyclists on the street make it safer to ride a bike. Every time the number of bicyclists is tripled, the driver-bicyclist crash rate is cut in half.   Bicycle Safe    Factsheet   Safety Stats

22 Million Citi Bikes Analyzing the NYC Bike Share System 

Bikeshare Systems: Recent research on their growth, users’ demographics and their health and societal impacts. More than 850 bike shares established worldwide.

National Bike to School Day - May 6, 2015    Kids and Bike Safety

National Bike to Work Day/Week - May 11-15, 2015

Scheduled Group Commuter Bike Rides for Safety in Numbers (LA  Bike Trains)

LA Bicycle Tribes    Ovarian Psycos

Junction design the Dutch - cycle friendly - way (youtube)
Ingenious New Type Of Intersection That Could Save Lives

American man first to solo across Antarctica unaided. "I did it!" a tearful Colin O'Brady, 33, said on a call to his family in Portland, Oregon. An Oregon man became the first person to traverse Antarctica alone without any assistance Wednesday, trekking across the polar continent in an epic 54-day journey that was previously deemed impossible. Colin O'Brady, of Portland, finished the bone-chilling, 930-mile journey as friends, family and fans tracked the endurance athlete's progress in real time online.

Physical Education

About 94 percent of Americans know how to ride a bike, but..... 
How often do people ride their Bikes


Interesting Bike Facts

Fast Bicycles
World's Fastest Bicycle to Go 90 MPH (youtube)
World’s Fastest Human-Powered Vehicle Hits 89 MPH (youtube)
The Fastest Bike in the World (youtube)

Leggo Bike

Special Wooden Bikes

Smarter Every Day Challenge: Learn the Backwards Brain Bike (youtube)

Under Water Cycling World Records 2013 (youtube)

John Kemp Starley was an English inventor and industrialist who is widely considered the inventor of the modern bicycle, and also originator of the name Rover. In 1885 Starley made history when he produced the Rover Safety Bicycle. – a rear-wheel-drive, chain-driven cycle with two similar-sized wheels, making it more stable than the previous high wheeler designs. (1854–1901).

1896 - 1 in 3 Bikes were Purchased by a Women.

Annie Londonderry (1870–1947), known as Annie Londonderry, was an immigrant to the United States who in 1894–95 became the first woman to bicycle around the world. She was a free-thinking young woman, who reinvented herself under her pseudonym as an entrepreneur, athlete, and globetrotter.

1897 - 2 Million Bikes were Sold.

Around The World In Not Quite 80 Days, Cyclist Smashes Record Seventy-eight days, 14 hours and 40 minutes of pure pedaling around the globe gave Mark Beaumont a new world record Monday, besting the former record of 123 days.

How This Woman Rides 20,000 Miles a Year on Her Bike | WIRED (youtube) - Ultra-endurance bicycle racer Lael Wilcox puts more miles on her bike every year than most people do on their cars. Here's how she trains for and rides some of the toughest races on earth.

Woman Rides Bicycle To 183.9 MPH — A New World Record. Denise Mueller-Korenek rode a custom bike at an average of 183.932 miles per hour – shattering a world record that had stood since 1995. Mueller-Korenek, 45, set the new record for fastest speed riding in a slipstream, teaming up with Shea Holbrook, a professional race car driver who piloted a dragster that led the cyclist across the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Hartford Connecticut is the first city in the United States of America to offer a free roadside assistance program for bicycles.

Head Badge is a manufacturer's or brand logo affixed to the head tube of a bicycle. Head badges may be made of metal or plastic, and they may be held in place with adhesive, screws, or rivets. Some are simply stickers, decals, or painted logos. Head badges for a single brand may change from year to year or from model to model. (Giant is a Stylized letter G).

Bike Munk Biking Statistics

Online Bicycle Museum


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